Bait Al-Mashura organized a new Fintech webinar entitled: “Blockchain technology and Fintech Decentralization”

Nov 8, 2022 | Blog

Bait Al-Mashura Financial Consultations organized a new webinar “Blockchain technology and Fintech Decentralization”” free of charge to the public on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, in cooperation with the Global Impact Fintech association, which is considered one of the largest and most widely spread global organizations in 55 countries to support Fintech technologies.

The workshop was presented by esteemed professors, researchers and entrepreneurs from diverse cultures like Finland, Malaysia, China and Singapore. The workshop was moderated by Mr. Syed Mushir, founder and chairman of the board of directors of GIFT founder and co-founder and board member of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong and member of the United Nations Economic Committee for Asis and the Pacific for Entrepreneurs, and Founder of Finstep Asia, which enables the next generation of financial technology companies in Asia.

The workshop discussed the latest blockchain technologies in digital technology and how they affect our daily lives. The idea was discussed by Mr. Omar Munshi, founder of Ethis, the pioneering crowdfunding company, and Mr. Daniel Liebau, a member of the Singapore University faculty in the field of financial technology and founder of Lightbulb Capital in Singapore. And Hong Kong, which offers innovative educational programs in the field of Blockchain for universities, as well as Ms. Mastoura Ishaq, a senior researcher in the Malaysian Government Industry Group for High Technology, an agency under the authority of the Prime Minister and currently chairing the Blockchain initiative, which focuses on the adoption of Blockchain in order to facilitate the transaction network. Digital finance for private and public entities.

The digital workshop is the second workshop offered by Bait Al-Mashura Company after the resounding success of its first workshop in January on the importance of digital technology, which was presented for the first time in Qatar. The participants praised the great interaction of the workshop, the interesting material, the rich composition of the course’s axes, and the great scientific and practical experience of the distinguished lecturers who were carefully selected. The attendees also praised the high professionalism in the organization and accuracy in coordinating the workshop in line with the policy of Bait Al-Mashura Company in its constant provision of a unique, innovative and interactive training and educational experience, which contributes to spreading a spirit of continuous learning and permanent development to keep pace with the latest global technologies in the Qatari society.

 The digital workshops organized by Bait Al-Mashura Company are the first stage in a massive initiative that will be unveiled soon, provided by Bait Al-Mashura in coordination with the largest international institutions and universities with the aim of spreading awareness of financial technology and promoting its culture in Qatari society, the Arab region and the world.