Bait Al-Mashura announces its new Webinar entitled “Digital Banks, The Ultimate Change”

Bait Al-Mashura Finance Consultations announced its new webinar entitled “Digital banks, The Ultimate Change” to the public on January 25, 2022, in cooperation with Paymentology, the leader company in Digital transformation and banking platforms.

The workshop will be moderated by Mr. nauman Hassan, Regioanl Director for Paymentology with Mr. Rowan Beker, the Chief Executive Office for Paymentology.

The webinar is in a series of fintech webinars offered by Bait Al-Mashura company after the resounding success of its series of webinars since the beginning of 2021 on the importance of digital technology, which was presented for the first time in Qatar and the attendees praised the high professionalism and accuracy in coordinating the workshop in line with the policy of Bait Al-Mashura Company in its constant provision of a unique, innovative and interactive training and educational experience in education and training, which contributes to spreading a vision of continuous learning and permanent development to keep pace with the latest global technologies in the Qatari society.

These webinars organized by Bait Al-Mashura Company are the first stage in a huge initiative BM Fintech, provided by Bait Al-Mashura in coordination and partnership with the largest international institutions and universities globally with the aim of spreading awareness of financial technology and promoting its culture in Qatari society, the Arab region and the world.

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